The plan for 2018

End 2016:

I handed my resignation as project manager to sharpen my IT skillz.

I turned away from a very good career:

  • I was about to leave a company that I helped growing from 12 factories to about 99;
  • I was about to leave very nice colleagues in a very challenging business culture;
  • and most of all: there were still so many things that could be improved;

Start 2017:

My savings account gave me some runway to spend a bit more time on some side projects.

It turned out to be a fantastic year:

  • I have learned a lot about tons of stuff;
  • I have had some nice consulting gigs, giving me even more runway;
  • and most of all: I had a lot of fun;

Start 2018:

Our future looks fantastic; It has never been so challenging to work in the IT.

It will turn out great:

  • I will start with this blogging-thing.
  • I will have many interesting projects;
  • and most of all: It will be fun!

So here is the plan: I will blog about stuff that I am good in. Of all the things that I do there are some things come natural to me (in random order):

  • Abstract thinking
  • Structuring of data
  • Massive amount of action

Those three things, in combination with a very sensitive bullshit detector, are the ultimate tools for any IT Project Manager. But none of these are directly of interest for the potential reader of this blog.

However, these things guide me on my path through IT and projects. And I can write about some interesting things that I encounter.

So, What to expect?

SQL and STUFF, lots of it!